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Illuminating My Inner Spirit – Part Two

I am dedicating this week’s post to explaining just what happened, not only in the Retreat but also to my mind, body and soul whilst I was exploring the beauty of Marrakesh. This is not a play by play of the whole week, listing every adventure, moment and memory as let’s face it I would be here forever and some of the experiences are too precious to share. I am going to cover my new #girlgang of goddesses and the daily RSL and #lovewitch rituals which formed the retreat as well as explain the monumental shift in my thinking and being that has occurred since returning to my homeland.

#Girlgang of Goddesses

First of all let me say that I love each and every one of the beautiful goddesses that attended this once in a lifetime retreat. They all have an extremely special place in my heart and I am forever grateful that I had the chance to connect with them and embark on an adventure of self-discovery with their support, guidance and often shared wisdom. Before the retreat I had never met any of the women face to face with any communication beforehand completed via a Facebook group for the RSL retreat. The first face to face contact I had was meeting my fellow UK goddesses at Gatwick Airport where we casually ordered bacon sarnies and expresso martinis at 5:30am! On arrival to the very gorgeous Dar Jaguar Riad we were escorted to the rooftop where some of the US goddesses who had arrived the night before were having some casual lunch with two of my idols…. Cue a complete fan girl moment as I was given a hug by the stunning Gala Darling and the very magical Veronica Varlow. I got a chance to finally meet my roommate for the week later that afternoon and we hit it off straight away, much to my relief! The welcome banquet was the first opportunity to meet and greet with all the goddesses on the retreat and start to share our stories as to why we were there in Morocco and what we wanted out of the week ahead.


The routine of each day will be highlighted in the next section of the blog but needless to say these women became my life for the whole week and I shared things with them that I have never shared with anyone else on Earth. Gala and Veronica had created a ‘safe space’ for us all to ‘be whoever we wanted to be,’ to let down any walls that we were safely guarding and allow others in to help soothe and heal old wounds. We spent every waking moment together either in class or evening ritual, in shared bedrooms, lunches and dinners in the evening, wandering around the spice market, braving the souks as groups, sat in the heat of the Ham-man having water thrown at us or simply sitting up on the rooftop terrace and baring our souls to each other in the sunshine.


I have come away with a new lifelong #girlgang who I still speak to on a daily basis, the realization that when women work together instead of against each other we can create and do magnificent things, partaking in Aphrodite Friday every week, an open invite to each of the goddesses houses around the world and more importantly friendships that know no bounds. I feel I can turn to these women in times of need as well as times of celebration and will receive unconditional support, guidance and wisdom from all of them. Sharing this experience with these amazing, gorgeous, talented, beautiful and radiant goddesses was the gift of a lifetime and I continue to be forever grateful for the opportunity to welcome these women into my life.

RSL Classes


Where do I begin?! It’s difficult to express in words how extremely life changing the daily RSL and #LoveWitch rituals have been for me but I am going to give it my best shot. I signed a waiver before attending this retreat which stated ‘you must participant 100% in the entire retreat’ and I made a promise to myself that I would do just that. I am a Virgo which means I am a control freak and perfectionist but I decided to go with the flow and enjoy and participate in everything that the retreat had to offer. The daily routine was to congregate to the chorus of ‘morning!’ at breakfast and then gather in a circle to start the morning classes with the gorgeous Gala Darling. We always started with a beautiful meditation by the soothing Jessica Snow which were tailor chosen to reflect the aim of the retreat. I have continued the practice of a morning meditation every day since I returned home and its now a daily habit. I credit this practice to the opening up of the creative side of my brain, I have been creatively writing since the retreat and have started to write short stories often inspired by the visions that present themselves to me during my meditation. I feel so much calmer, reflective and zen completing this practice every morning and actually feel it when I don’t do it. If this wasn’t an advert for ‘meditation is life changing’ I don’t know what is. The meditation would then be followed by Radical Self Love classes led by Gala. This was a deep dive into my psyche like I never done before and bought up some things that I had buried under excuses for far too long. They came bursting forth through my third eye and crown chakra’s like the freight train pummeling through the first dream stage in Inception. I had found my topic to work on for the week and I was terrified! These classes opened up questions to my body and mind and answers were given through my soul and some serious introspection. I was blaming others, the situation I found myself in for my current view on my topic instead of taking responsibility and moving forward with ‘fuck yeah!’ rituals that actually fed into my positive psyche rather than continue to stuff the ‘fuck no’ rituals down my throat and into my body. I had serious breakthroughs following each morning class which I then consolidated in each evening ritual. I am invigorated, energised and have taken full responsibility for everything in my life (the good, the bad and the downright ugly) and I feel on top of the world.

#LoveWitch Rituals

The #LoveWitch evening rituals were nothing short of extraordinary and life altering. From the moment I met the enchanting Veronica Varlow I knew that I would be under her spell by the end of the week. Each evening begun and concluded with calling in a circle followed by expanding on the ‘fantasy you’ story that you wanted to create which inevitably ended up being embodied by me in real life by the end of the retreat. We did magical rituals, beautiful and tear jerking ceremonies, consolidated the learning from the morning classes, re-created ourselves and our stories, learnt sex magic (one word: liberating), showered ourselves in rose petals, bared our souls to each other and in the most poignant and all-encompassing ending to the retreat we took part in a wedding ceremony… to ourselves! I am keeping the details of the evening rituals close to my chest as they are so exquisitely precious that I can never do them justice in written words nor would I want to – these are memories, rituals and experiences I will carry with me for a lifetime. You have to experience them to understand the sheer magnitude of the work that was completed by all of us under the starry night sky of Marrakesh surrounded by foliage, trees, rose petals, flickering candles and the trickling sound of the water fountain that washed away our fears and opened us up to the pool of knowledge, wisdom and guidance that the #girlgang had to offer each other. Phenomenally magical in every way imaginable!

Illuminating My Spirit – The Conclusion

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The true magic has occurred in me since returning home where I have embraced spirituality in all forms, my creative side both writing and photography has burst forth, I am setting boundaries with those I work with and love, conducting love rituals with my wonderful boyfriend, started to do a self-Reiki cleanse on a daily basis and opening up and saying when something is not feeling right with me or I need to talk without fear of retaliation. This is all still work in progress but the compliments I am getting from people on a daily basis regarding my style, the unicorn snot (yes that’s a real thing) on my cheeks, my smile and glowing aura, my increased confidence, that I appear to have my mojo back or the fact I just look happy all the time is testament to the hard work I put in at the retreat and the magic that occurred in me whilst I was there. My response to these compliments… “Thank you, it’s true!”

The retreat was nothing short of life changing, I met some phenomenal fellow goddesses, got to have talks and share my life experiences with two women who I hold in high esteem and work hard on myself. I have come back home feeling refreshed, liberated, totally in love with my mind, body and soul, spiritually enlightened and most importantly completely at peace with who I am.

If I have to pick the biggest transformation I have noticed it would be that I am no longer afraid or care what other people think of me… I wear bright colours, glitter on my face, carry crystals around with pride and talk about myself with love in my heart! I am forever indebted to the fellow goddesses, Veronica and Gala for this wondrous opportunity to find me again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love and Light,

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